Please use the form below to contact me or simply drop an email to mail[AT]desibackpacker[DOT]com. Just replace [AT] and [DOT] with the appropriate symbols.

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Twitter: @inamesh


2 Responses to Contact

  1. Sargam says:

    "There are countless wonderful resources for backpackers, ranging from Lonely Planet, Bootsnall, Roadjunky etc etc. But all are written from a very western point of view, and sometimes that is not enough. While most westerners can just pack their bags, buy a ticket and travel, this is not the case for desis (or anyone with a “third world” passport, for that matter).

    Backpacking websites wax eloquent on how it is cheaper to travel because “things are cheaper than back home”. For Indians, things will always be more expensive than back home, and this is something we have to deal with."

    Exactly my problem. Found your website while hunting for resources to serve as s starting point for planning my own RTW. I needed RTW travel plans specifically for Indians (or people from third world countries.)

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers! 😀

  2. naiz says:

    3 days ago, my 2 friends and i planned to take a tour to spain. it'd be our first international tour since we began work a year ago(in bangalore so obviously in IT). we were making plans reading blogs and looking for cheap ways of accomodation and travel(and found that travel by from madrid to barcelona by air is cheaper than their high speed train).. all these happen and i see this blog. suddenly i'm thinking of having u as my role model.. hope u travel all over the world and get to settle in your favorite place(that's my plan. find a job there wherever it is)..

    would love to read on anything about spain if ur done with it before we leave..

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