About the website

Right now, DesiBackpacker.com is just a simple travel blog. In my previous  trip, I tried but failed to write regular posts from the road, but I did meticulously upload photos. This time I’m planning to write detailed reports about the places I visit, the people I meet and the amount of money I spend.


Visi-Misi is just a way cooler way of saying “Vision and Mission” in Indonesian. The myth of “Indians Don’t Backpack” has been broken time and again by desis from all over the globe, but there is no central place for us to connect and share ideas with like-minded Indian travellers. Lots of people travel, but they fail to share their stories with the rest of us. I hope to eventually turn the DesiBackpacker website into a blogging platform and online community of budget travellers who like to go above and beyond to answer the call of travel that pulls at every one of us.

The Need for a Backpacking Website with a Desi Focus

There are countless wonderful resources for backpackers, ranging from Lonely Planet, Bootsnall, Roadjunky etc etc. But all are written from a very western point of view, and sometimes that is not enough. While most westerners can just pack their bags, buy a ticket and travel, this is not the case for desis (or anyone with a “third world” passport, for that matter).

Backpacking websites wax eloquent on how it is cheaper to travel because “things are cheaper than back home”. For Indians, things will always be more expensive than back home, and this is something we have to deal with.


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