About Me

I hate writing about myself but they tell me that it’s got to be done, so here goes.

I’m a guy in my in my late 20s, born and raised in India. The “Where are you from? ” question always baffles me, as I grew up in 8 different cities, but both my parents are from Rajasthan, so I guess that’s where I’m from.

Profession is probably the second most important label that we humans need, so mine until now has been IT, though I’ve done my stints in Hostel Reception, Housekeeping, Bar-tending and being a general pain in the ass (the last one I did pro bono). I’m now out of IT for good though (read my break-up letter here), and I still need to decide what my future source of revenue will be. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to Contact Me ;).

Chilling in Hampi

Chilling in Hampi

I love travelling and learning languages. I’m fluent in English, Hindi, and Indonesian, conversational in Spanish, and can convincingly make a fool of myself in French. Apart from short “holiday” trips, I have been on one massive 10-month RTW trip in 2008, and another smaller month-long trip in March-April 2010.

I also love to write, and every once in a while a benevolent editor accepts my submission and occasionally even pays me for it. Below are links to some of my writing that has appeared elsewhere (all links open in a new window):

PS: Photo courtesy Indu Antony

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