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Hong Kong III: The Airline Bankruptcy Disaster

… But fate had different ideas. In fact, at the moment I was waiting for my second visa rejection(on 9th April), the CEO of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was announcing the bankruptcy of his company at a press conference not more than a few hundred meters from where I sat! Continue reading

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Hong Kong II: The Canadian Visa Disaster

So my plan was to fly from Hong Kong to Vancouver, and Vancouver to Seattle. I still needed a transit visa for Canada but I figured it would be easy to get since I had a US visa an confirmed flight tickets. Big Mistake. Canada clearly has a point to prove. Continue reading

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Hong Kong I: Kowloon, Harbour, Bullet Holes and Slow Trams

I arrived in Hong Kong late in the evening from Macau on the fabulous Cotai Jet ferry. Hong Kong allows Indian passport holders to travel visa free for up to 30 days. HK Immigration held me for a while and quizzed me. Apparently the building where my hostel was located (Mirador Mansions) is also a haven for illegal immigrants. Continue reading

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