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Caught In No Man’s Land at the Turkish Border

So yes, I needed to go back to Syria. Sure. Only problem was that I had a single entry visa and I was already stamped out. If the Turks didn’t let me in, I was in no man’s land, unable to get into Turkey and unable to return to Syria. I literally had nowhere to go. And to think that my Canadian visa rejection made me feel like Victor Naborski (of The Terminal)! This was the real thing! Continue reading

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Seoul: Cultural Faux Pas, Great Food and Silly “Soul” Jokes

Ah, South Korea. The country had fascinated me for so long. Through friends I had discovered some fabulous Korean movies, and the Korean language with it’s geometric writing and “-eyo” sing-song word endings looked and sounded pretty cool to me. Then of course there’s the food. Oh I could fill pages describing the awesomeness of Korean food, but all you’d do is curl up your nose because you hated kimchi the ONE time that you tried it. Seriously, you disappoint me. Continue reading

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Hong Kong II: The Canadian Visa Disaster

So my plan was to fly from Hong Kong to Vancouver, and Vancouver to Seattle. I still needed a transit visa for Canada but I figured it would be easy to get since I had a US visa an confirmed flight tickets. Big Mistake. Canada clearly has a point to prove. Continue reading

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Singapore: “Disneyland with the death penalty”

Yes, it’s true – the whole city/state has a very unnatural ring to it. An almost sterile, hospital like feel to every where you go (well, except Little India). For me, the absence of street food is a downer enough. A place without street food is a place without a soul if you ask me. But dig just a little deeper and you will find a whole new facet to this little country. Continue reading

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Planning My First RTW Trip (Part 3 – Visas)

Ah, the tourist visa – the bane of independent travel. I really don’t understand the need for restrictive visa policies. I don’t mind furnishing proof of my travel plans, financial status etc., but why make it difficult? Tourists spend money, why not welcome them with open arms? But anyway, that’s a topic for another day. Let’s talk about visas… Continue reading

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