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Damascus: St. Paul, St. Thomas and the Most Expensive Piss in the World

In between sessions I walked around town, visited some of the same places I went to yesterday, and explored more of the narrow old town alleys. I saw the chapel of St. Paul and the chapel of some other dude who gave him back his eyesight. Okay I should probably narrate that story as it is a very important chapter in Christian history… Continue reading

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Damascus: History, Souqs, Tea and People-Watching

One gets a very medieval feel while walking down the narrow, twisting alleyways and stone- paved streets of the old city. Of course, the Hyundais, Skodas, Ladas, Dacias and Geelys dampen this feeling a little but that is the price one must pay for “progress”. Continue reading

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The Challenge Begins! Mumbai-Damascus

My host Mustafa and his friend Mustafa came to meet me at “Sharky Bob” and we walked to his fascinating house down millenia-old alleyways in the Old City of Damascus. Once there, we met Mustafa, a housemate of Mustafa, but no relation to Mustafa’s friend Mustafa. Continue reading

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