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Seoul: Cultural Faux Pas, Great Food and Silly “Soul” Jokes

Ah, South Korea. The country had fascinated me for so long. Through friends I had discovered some fabulous Korean movies, and the Korean language with it’s geometric writing and “-eyo” sing-song word endings looked and sounded pretty cool to me. Then of course there’s the food. Oh I could fill pages describing the awesomeness of Korean food, but all you’d do is curl up your nose because you hated kimchi the ONE time that you tried it. Seriously, you disappoint me. Continue reading

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2005-2007: How Indonesia Changed My Life

As I mentioned in my last post, I had moved to Jakarta for work towards the end of December 2005. I had already been there a couple of times and knew the city reasonably well. I was also slowly getting to know … Continue reading

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