29th March ’08 – The Journey Begins!

Date:29th March 2008. This post is a part of the series on my 2008 RTW trip.

After over a year of dreaming, scheming, planning and researching, the hour of departure was at hand. I was raring to go, nervous and excited at the same time.


Insurance: I had purchased an insanely expensive (as I now realize) year-long travel insurance for almost 700$. But at that time, a good Indian policy would have cost me just about 150$ less, and WN had an excellent reputation for promptly settling claims, and lesser deductibles.

Visas: I had visas for USA, UK and Japan.

Money: I was carrying 2000$ in Traveller’s Cheques as a backup. I also had 3 credit and an equal number of debit cards. Also, I had about 400$ cash. Yes, I had over-prepared.

Packing: My aim was to keep it all under 12 kilos. When I weighed my stuff at the airport, it came in at just under 10! Booya!

My packin

The stuff that would keep me company for the next few months

“Visa Free? Sorry sir, there is no such thing!”

“I’m telling you I don’t need a visa for Singapore. They have a visa free transit facility for Indians who hold a US visa.”

“Yes but you still need a visa”

“No I don’t. Here’s a printout from the IATA website”

After some back-and-forth to that effect, Jet Airways finally let me check in.

But then it was the Immigration official’s turn to try and play spoilsport. After all that was sorted out, I finally managed to board the plane, but the antics of these stupid bureaucrats had delayed the flight by 20 mins and I was the last person on the plane.

Anyway, I was on my way and that was all that mattered now. I was starting off on my first self-financed international trip!

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1 Response to 29th March ’08 – The Journey Begins!

  1. JSH says:

    Too bad that Immigration Officer would argue about Visa-free transit. Ask him to follow your blog for more information. Lol.

    Around the world with 10 Kilos of baggage! Wow!

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