Planning My First RTW Trip (Part 4 – Flights)

NB: The info here is from early 2008, as part of the series on my 2008 RTW trip. Some of the information isn’t relevant any more.

One of the ways that I chose my destinations was  less systematic and more random. I looked for budget airlines from various locations and decided to go wherever was the cheapest. There were two big oceans to cross, and I had found cheap airlines to take me.

The Pacific: Oasis Hong Kong Airlines from Hong Kong to Vancouver for approx. 300 USD!

The Atlantic: Aer Lingus from Chicago/NYC to London for about 350 USD or so!

So I had identified my hubs and it was now time to think about what else I could fit in between. To get to Hong Kong I would have to go via Singapore and Macau. Now, I’m not a big fan of Singapore but it was a hub for the budget airlines so it was necessary. Plus, I everyone talked so much about Singapore that I felt it deserved a second chance.

I then realised that I had a nice bunch of Frequent Flyer miles in my Krisflyer (Singapore Airlines) account, and started thinking about how I could utilize them best. I really wanted to visit Korea and Japan but the tickets were quite expensive, as April was cherry blossom season, and holiday time in both countries. I was about to ditch them but then I found that I could take a return trip from Hong Kong to Tokyo on Asiana Airlines with a stopover in Seoul using just my miles and about 70 US $! It sounded like a fabulous deal and I booked it immediately. 10 days in Korea and 10 in Japan.

This was late February, 2008 and the first booking of my 2008 RTW journey. There was no turning back now. Soon after that, I booked some more flights: Delhi-Singapore (~10,000 Rupees) on Jet Airways, Singapore-Macau (~100 $) on Jetstar Asia, Hong Kong-Vancouver (~300 $) on the now defunct Oasis Hong Kong Airlines.

I was thinking about going overland from the US down into Latin America and take it from there. I knew of a budget airline (Spirit Air) that I could take to get back to the US from Central/South America. I had the tickets for the first leg of my journey and decided I would worry about the rest later.

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