Introducing Desi Backpacker

Desi Backpacker is a blog created to entertain vicarious travellers, inspire and help future backpackers and provide an account of my own travels.

I am a corporate slave in my late 20s, and after taking a 10-month Round-The-World trip in 2008, I tried to fit back into the corporate way of life (really, I tried). But travel struck a fatal blow to my career path and I once again count down the last couple of months on my job before I undertake yet another exciting multi-continental trip. I still haven’t figured out where I want to go, but for now I will start with converting my pen-and-paper journals from my previous travels into full-length blog entries to share them with the world.

Curiosity killed the cat, but it does no harm to the armchair travellers. Read more About Me, About This Site or About My Previous Trips.

Below are a few important terms for those with a limited knowledge of Hindi or travel terminology –

  • Desi – In this case, Indian. But in general, the term desi applies to anyone from the Indian Subcontinent.
  • Kanjoos – Stingy
  • RTW – Round-The-World

Here’s to a wonderful journey ahead. To join me on my journeys from the past and into the future, simply keep coming back every now and then for updates, Subscribe by RSS or Email, “Like” the Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter!


PS: This post was written over a year ago! A lot has changed since then. The trip is now over. Due to various circumstances I haven’t yet finished blogging the trip, but I have my meticulous notes and will finish the trip report soon. Follow the blog for updates!

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7 Responses to Introducing Desi Backpacker

  1. anviti says:

    YAY !! its finally here :))

  2. neelima says:

    I am sure your site will be used as a "great guide" by many.

  3. utkarsh says:

    Gr8 to c tht . .

  4. aparna says:

    how do you find these people who play your host wherever you go?

  5. haridas says:

    what about the visa costs

  6. Amit says:

    Thanks for sharing this

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